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DIFFUSER - The quest for the best acoustic diffuser, pioneers and studies

3 years of research, over 6,000 hours of study, experimentation, questioning of what has already been done in terms of diffusion, and the creation of about sixty diffuser devices made with different materials and sequences in order to understand, find, and achieve the best acoustic diffusers, have led me to develop my own method for simulating the behavior of a diffuser, a demonstration method based on observing a 'ripple tank,' a serious questioning of the certainties we had about their behaviors, and finally, my own distribution method, which varies depending on whether the diffuser design is based on rods or wells.

DIFFUSER - With Sticks or Wells, which design is the most effective ?

When it comes to diffusers, "experts" generally agree on a preference for well-based designs over stick-based ones. However, my investigations have led me to the conclusion that, depending on the sequence type and implementation constraints, stick-based designs often yield better results when the number of cells is substantial. After selecting the diffusers (generated randomly using the "Mersenne Twister") that exhibit superior characteristics to QRD, PRD, LSD, and PWRD models, in line with the predictions of my analyzer using the "brute force" method, I set out to examine the similarities in their designs to identify the elements necessary for optimal diffusion.